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Experience From All Sides Of The Law- Prosecution, Defense, Judicial

Attorney Jeffrey Franklin has the unique perspective of having worked as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and judicial clerk. This first-hand experience in all three sides of the legal system puts Mr. Franklin in the advantageous position of understanding how prosecutors and judges think, and gives him an edge in planning and arguing your case.


When you are facing the prospect of a divorce, you may feel alone and confused.  We understand that this is one of the most difficult times any individual can go through, and we are committed to helping you, first, determine whether divorce is truly the right step for your particular situation.  If so, we will put our experience to work fighting for your parenting and financial rights in areas such as Property Division, Child Custody, Alimony, Child Support and Enforcement Issues.

Learn what happens when you contact an attorney regarding divorce, and what crucial mistakes you should avoid.

Nothing is scarier than being charged with a criminal offense.  You may feel that your entire future, livelihood and family relationships are at stake, and that the entire world is against you. At such a distressing time, you can rely on Franklin Law to fight for your rights and get you the best possible deal or – if the facts warrant it – a charge reduction or even dismissal.

Learn what happens after you’re charged with a criminal offense, what your rights are, and what crucial mistakes you should avoid.

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