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Jeffrey J. Franklin

Franklin Law specializes in two areas of legal practice: Family Law/Divorce, and Criminal Defense.  Attorney Jeffrey J. Franklin brings the unique experience of having been involved in three different aspects of the legal system – prosecution, defense and judicial.  This tri-level perspective enables Mr. Franklin to see the judicial process clearly from all sides, and gives him an overwhelming advantage in advising clients and winning the results they seek to attain, whether in Family or Criminal matters.

As a prosecuting attorney in three different townships, Mr. Franklin obtained convictions in a wide spectrum of cases including: operating while impaired, marijuana possession, larceny, domestic violence, assault, disorderly person, fraud, and traffic violations. Having hands-on experience “knowing how a prosecutor thinks” has served Mr. Franklin well on the other side of the legal fence, helping him successfully defend clients against a variety of criminal misdemeanor and felony charges, as well as civil infractions.

“As a former prosecutor, I am aware of the tactics prosecutors use, as well as the full array of sentencing alternatives which are available . . .”

On the judicial side, Mr. Franklin served as a clerk in Oakland County Circuit Court for Judge Daniel Patrick O’Brien. There, he saw firsthand how when deciding Family Law issues, much is left to the judge’s discretion, and that different judges may view a set of circumstances surrounding a case differently.  This experience continues to help him today in successfully representing clients in all aspects of family law, including divorce, custody, modification of custody, change of domicile, paternity, and enforcement issues.

“As a family law attorney, my experience as a judicial clerk allows me to advise my clients as to how the different judges within the court will likely view their circumstances.”

Throughout his life, Jeffrey Franklin has demonstrated a strong desire to win at all endeavors. His fierce competitive drive found an outlet on the football field during high school and, later, at Kalamazoo College, where he was pass receiver during his freshman year.  As a sophomore, he transferred to Michigan State University, from which he earned his undergraduate B.A. degree with honors. Mr. Franklin received his law degree from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.  Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Franklin was a member of Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C., where he served as an associate in the firm’s Litigation Group. 



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