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After a divorce has been granted and child and/or spousal support have been awarded, enforcement issues surrounding the payment of that support may arise.  Regardless of which side of the enforcement issue you are on – whether you have failed to pay support to an ex-spouse, or you are owed support by an ex-spouse– it is important to engage an attorney.  If you have not paid support, you will need legal representation to protect your rights and ensure that you are able to continue earning a living. If support is owed to you, the Court can use its powers to sanction your ex-spouse.

If you owe support, the Court has the power to suspend your licenses, deny you a passport, and even order jail time.


Going to court to get sanctions such as jail time imposed on an ex-spouse who owes you child support.
Court-ordered sanctions may not always be in your best interests, since a jailed or unable-to-work ex-spouse will likely not be able to provide the support you need.  In this situation, it is important to have legal representation to make sure your own best interests are put foremost during support enforcement proceedings.


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